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What is PAIN all about?

Ever wonder why we feel pain? This was an impending question in my mind when I was a kid. I’d fall down, bruise my knee and wonder – “why does...Read More

Can we predict low back pain?

Low back pain is more common than you would think. I’ll let the facts do the talking… In a 6 month period, 5 in every 10 Canadians suffered low back pain. Up to...Read More

Pain old age phenomenon

Today, a 65 year old came for her first consultation with me. Very sweet lady, otherwise healthy but has a severe lower back pain. She told me: “My back hurts,...Read More

I am doomed because of my genes?

It is true that we inherit our genetic make up from our parents and this includes some traits and conditions that we can get from them. However, research has shown...Read More