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Auto & Sports Injuries

At Healthmedica Wellness Centre, we take pride in treating both everyday injuries and devastating ones. Sports injuries and auto-accidents are some of the common types of injuries we deal with on a daily basis. And whether it’s a vehicle accident that leaves you with a pain in the neck or a sports injury that gave you pain in the arm or leg, incidents do happen – and it is our responsibility to treat them.

In nearly every single incident and injury, the first things that we test are strength, range of motion, balance and coordination, posture and muscle performance. That way, we ensure that the patient is in overall good condition and ready to begin the physical therapy program.

Auto/Car Accident Injuries Treatment

Our advanced chiropractic services are specialized in treating patients from automobile accidents. Commonly known as ‘whiplash’ injuries because of the invisible injuries and initial pain, people don’t often seek professional pain. However, initial medical treatment for all typical auto injuries is a must – and typically consists of physical therapy as the primary method for repair and strengthening of the damaged tissue or avoiding excessive scar growth.

Regardless of the severity of the injury, the best way to treat a neck pain, back pain, spinal pain or pain in the arms and legs is to consult with our chiropractic specialists at Healthmedica Wellness Centre and book a physical therapy program.

Beginning the physical therapy auto injury treatment is recommended as early as possible in order to control your pain and diminish all the swelling, as well as initiate the small movements and begin your tissue’s repair process. Failing to receive proper auto injury treatment, on the other hand, can result in nothing but long-term health issues.

Sports Injuries Treatment

When it comes to sports injuries, there are many common types of injuries that we treat, including tennis elbow, pitcher’s shoulder, golfer’s elbow, muscle strains, trick knees that cause knee pain, ankle strains, shin splints etc. Our advanced chiropractic service is able to relieve muscle spasms and pain and restore range of motion while strengthening the weakened muscle and re-establishing stability while promoting local blood circulation and speeding up the healing.

In more severe cases, however, physical therapy is more than needed. Healthmedica Wellness Centre offers individual rehabilitation programs and sports therapies to help you ensure the most long-lasting and permanent success from even the most painful and debilitating sports injuries.

Have you been involved in a car accident - or maybe suffered a sports injury?

Contact our wellness and rehabilitation centre for immediate auto injury treatment, sports injury treatment or physical therapy. Call us today to schedule a complimentary consultation or determine whether you are a candidate for spinal decompression, chiropractic, or any other treatment!