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Neck Pain

Neck pain is a form of pain that typically occurs from the top of your shoulders and goes to the bottom of your head. There are a lot of symptoms that can be either mild or severe and may limit the range of motion on your neck.

The Common Causes And Injuries

When it comes to the causes, the most common one is the wear and tear of tissues and joints as you age – however, there are many indirect causes to neck pain. Another common cause of neck pain are the neck muscles that are strained or pulled from the poor posture or an awkward sleeping position. Over time, the muscles recover and the pain disappears.

However, the normal wear and tear that causes neck pain or arthritis can lead to injuries, bone and joint pain in the neck as well as nerve compression in the area which causes people to immediately seek neck pain treatment. Another thing worth mentioning is that the weaker or more degenerated a tissue or joints in the neck are, the more susceptible the neck is to injury. Age is also a factor that stimulates neck pain and increases the wear and tear on the vertebrae, discs, muscles and joints which leads to neck pain and arthritis.

Complete Diagnosis And Neck Pain Testing

Treating neck pain successfully starts with a complete testing and diagnosis plan. Now, there are a lot of diagnostic tests that our teams of neck specialists perform at Healthmedica Wellness Centre and ones that are precisely able to determine the neck pain and the type of neck pain treatment that would be the best for it. From X-Rays to EMG testing, we do all types of imaging scans and use them to rule out the conditions with similar symptoms or identify the cause of the neck pain.

When it comes to neck pain treatment, there are a lot of modern forms of treatment nowadays. At Healthmedica Wellness Centre, we excel at spinal decompression – a therapy that is modern and does not involve any surgical procedures. It effectively treats the neck, low back or can even be used for leg and arm pain. Successful in relieving pain that comes from spinal disc herniation or degenerative spinal discs and faced join syndromes, spinal decompression completely stretches and relaxes the spine, therefore helping with instant pain relief.

Troubled By Neck Pain And Searching For The Best Treatment?

Let our chiropractic teams and neck pain specialists take care of your neck and make the pain go away. Thanks to the latest treatments and our state-of-art technology, we are able to identify and treat any neck pain that continues more than several weeks. By using the right massage, chiropractic and other forms of neck pain treatment, we will help you relieve your pain and be able to function properly, as well as prevent any similar issues in the future.