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Our Approach

Understanding Healthmedica’s Optimal Wellness Program

People spend a lot of money on health and wellness. The global health and wellness industry is expected to top $1 trillion  in the next few years. If we spend so much money on our health, why aren’t we healthier? One of the biggest problems is that many people do not understand what health and wellness mean. Wellness isn’t just about not being sick or not having a disease. Wellness is a process of making choices to live a healthy and fulfilling life. Wellness is a state of mind and a state of body.

Many people, including many in the health and wellness industry, confuse wellness with treating diseases and symptoms. Wellness is a holistic approach. It recognizes that what affects part of your mind and body affects all of your mind and body. Many people who are suffering from diseases, especially chronic diseases, aren’t being treated for wellness. Instead, their symptoms are being treated. Often, the underlying cause of a disease is inflammation. But, instead of working to reduce inflammation in the body, many people focus on treating the individual symptoms. The symptoms come and go, but the disease remains.

Helping you in achieving balance between Exercise, Spine, Knowledge and Nutrition.

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Four Pillars

At Healthmedica Wellness Centre, we have a different approach. We believe that it is just as important to prevent disease, as it is to fight disease. We focus on making sure your body is functioning properly and that you have the tools you need to maintain good body function. We believe optimal wellness is based on four pillars:

Optimal Exercise

Optimal Knowledge

Optimal Spine

Optimal Nutrition

Imagine your wellness is like a building held up by four pillars, one in each corner. If one of those pillars becomes weak, it puts additional stress on the other pillars. If one of those pillars fails completely, the roof may not cave in right away, but it will start to droop. If something isn’t done to balance the load, the other pillars will also eventually fail, and the entire structure will come tumbling down.

Healthmedica Wellness Centre wants to keep your wellness balanced. This means focusing on all four pillars at the same time. When you achieve balance in all four of these pillars you are able to live a happy, fulfilling life that is free from pain and disease.