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Whether you’re curious about how to alleviate back pain, need treatment for your chronic ailment, our experts are here to help. Health Medica is a fully equipped holistic wellness center ready to provide you all the services that you’re looking for. They follow a unique approach that entails healing from the inside out with alternative practices like laser therapy alongside modes of relaxation.

Are you searching for a wellness center in Brampton or Toronto? Look no further. Rest assured on Health Medica and get peace of mind with lasting wellness. Comprised of experienced health experts, we ensure the best treatment for your body.

Based in Mississauga, Brampton, Kitchener, Toronto, and Erin Mills, our experts are waiting for you! Call us today to schedule an appointment.


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Experienced in multiple medical practices

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Optimal Exercise

Customized exercise plan designed for your entire mind and body


Optimal Knowledge

Customized spinal care treatment plan is central to your health and well being


Optimal Spine

Proper nutrition is critical to keeping your body functioning better and decreasing diseases


Optimal Nutrition

Know more about your body to recognize problems earlier on before it’s too late


Our Latest News

Written by Healthmedica Wellness Centre | November 23, 2023

How Important is your Spine?

You might as well ask me how important is breathing? I've come across many patients who have suffered with pain for years and have actually...

Written by Healthmedica Wellness Centre |

No pain = no issue?

Raise your hand if you believe that if you experience no pain, there must be no issue. If you are raising your hand right now,...

Written by Healthmedica Wellness Centre | November 20, 2023

What is PAIN all about?

Ever wonder why we feel pain? This was an impending question in my mind when I was a kid. I'd fall down, bruise my knee...


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