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I am doomed because of my genes?

Written by | 10th, October, 2023

It is true that we inherit our genetic make up from our parents and this includes some traits and conditions that we can get from them. However, research has shown that this is not true in a vast majority of conditions. This holds especially true with SPINAL HEALTH.

This means that it is not necessarily true that if your father has acute spondylitis that you or your children are going to inherit it too. My wife’s father has this condition and she had asked me this question a few years ago which made me look deeper into this particular topic. What I found out was that ENVIRONMENT is a very important factor in our spinal health. A new field of study called Epigenetics has shown that the environment plays a big role in how your genes are expressed.

What does that mean? Expressed? Basically, if you think about it, your lifestyle has a lot to do with how you are going to feel. 

Consider two siblings with the same “low back pain” gene. Both work in the same job, in an office where they are sitting 8 hours a day. The first person, lets call him A, is always sitting in the couch after work, doesn’t exercise, doesn’t get his spine checked and eats microwaved TV dinners. The second person, lets call her B, gets up from chair at work frequently, exercises everyday, gets her spine checked and adjusted regularly and to top it off, eats home-cooked healthy meals.

Now, who do you think has a bigger chance of getting low back pain?

Are you more like the person A or B? Talk to me about how to improve your spinal health in your next visit. In the meantime, live healthy.