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How Important is your Spine?

Written by | 23rd, November, 2023

You might as well ask me how important is breathing? I’ve come across many patients who have suffered with pain for years and have actually started thinking that pain is “normal”.

Now imagine if your breath is staggered and causes you pain every time you inhale. Is that normal?

PAIN is your body’s way of telling you something is not right. Your first reaction is to get rid of the pain and like many, you may take pain killers. That’s like stifling your body… the pain is gone but the cause of pain is still there. It becomes worse over time.

Now, coming back to our main question: HOW IMPORTANT IS YOUR SPINE?

Your SPINE houses and protects your nervous system.

What does that mean? Let’s first understand what is your nervous system: it consists of your brain, spinal cords and the nerves. It’s your body’s communication centre, controlling every single function from breathing, to digestion, to the ability to walk upright and everything in between.

Your brain is the control center and the nerves are the wires connecting it to every inch of your body and your spinal cord protects and houses these nerves. The brain constantly sends millions of messages to over 100 trillion cells in our body via the nerves that are coming out of the spinal cord.

What happens when your spine is misaligned or not functioning properly?

These messages can become disturbed. The messages sent to your organs, tissues and cells become affected. This is the reason that the spine has to be properly aligned so that these messages can go where they need to.

How does your spine get misaligned?

Good question. Now we are talking. I strongly believe that prevention is the best cure. Poor alignment can be a direct result of falls, trauma, improper posture such as prolonged sitting or bending or lifting or even staring down at your mobile for a long period of time.

This is a whole different topic and I’ll write to you in more detail in the following issues.

But let me leave you with an interesting fact I bet you did not know about: PAIN, although a good indicator, isn’t always present when things start to go awry. Your body is amazing: like a good soldier, it fights until wounded and that’s when you feel the pain. Poor alignment can happen over a prolonged period of time and to anyone – from young kids to old adults. And when you start to feel the pain, usually the damage has already been done.