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What is PAIN all about?

Written by | 20th, November, 2023

Ever wonder why we feel pain? This was an impending question in my mind when I was a kid. I’d fall down, bruise my knee and wonder – “why does it have to hurt?”.

Growing up, I realized that pain is a very important warning system that protects our bodies. Yes, although pain is the worst feeling in the world, it is actually our body’s safety system. Acute pain is not bad and is actually good for the body because it tells us to relax and let the body heal. If you are suffering from personal injuries you can hire a

What happens when pain signals are ignored or suppressed?

Imagine this scenario…

There’s a fire in the living room and the fire alarm is blaring. What do you do? Will you shut off the fire alarm or put out the fire? Of course, you get to the root cause of the problem and try to put out the fire. Shutting off the alarm will not diminish the fire, it will just hush the warning signs. The fire will continue to get worse over time. Until it will be too tough to handle and you call the fire department to help. But by then the fire will be worse and have caused a lot of damage in the room.

Scary scenario, isn’t it? If you would resort to obvious solution in that situation – putting out the fire – then why not do the same for your own body?

Think about this for a minute…

When it comes to spinal pain, most of us resort to pain killers like Advil or Tylenol to temporarily ignore or suppress the pain. We mask the pain but do not treat the root cause of the problem. Continuously ignoring the signals makes the issue worse and over a period of time, it becomes chronic. This is when we resort to professional help.

Here’s a little tip I learnt a long time ago: THE POINT OF PAIN IS TO GET YOU TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT (and not just mask the pain, find the root cause and treat it).

Live healthy! Let’s not wait until the fire gets worse. See you soon!