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Headaches / Migraines

Headaches and migraines are a common issue in today’s society with a lot of causes. However, around half of the people suffering from them stop seeking medical care because they have been dissatisfied with their therapies. Despite all medical advancements over the last decade, headaches and migraines are still difficult to treat.

Complete Diagnosis And Medication Plans

However, that doesn’t mean that headache and migraine pills are the only way to treat migraines. Instead, there are many different approaches in treating these disorders, including abortive and preventive. While the abortive therapy is focused on preventing a migraine attack or stopping it once it starts, the preventive treatment is aimed at people that are experiencing most of the headache and migraine symptoms, including:”

  • Pain in one side or both sides of the head
  • Pain that feels throbbing or pulsing
  • Sensitivity to light, sound and sometimes even touch and smells
  • Vomiting, blurred vision and nausea
  • Light-headedness which is sometimes followed by fainting

Our dynamic and multi-disciplinary team at Healthmedica Wellness Centre specializes in headache and migraine treatment and prevention and is unique for the comprehensive and accurate diagnosis of the underlying causes of these two disorders.

Because of their nature, both headaches and migraines are depressing, debilitating and can easily hamper the daily routines of the individuals. Generally, they are caused by a variety of reasons – and sometimes, even the underlying and graver medical conditions may trigger them. Obviously, the best way to treat them is to diagnose the exact cause of them at the earliest and treated accordingly.

Advanced Headache And Migraine Treatment

After a complete diagnosis has been made, the root causes and types of headaches or migraines is detailed. At Healthmedica Wellness Centre, we pride ourselves on administering all the forms of headache treatments to help your cure your headache or migraine disorder.

While medications are a common form of treating headaches and migraines, the custom treatments that we provide at Healthmedica Wellness Centre are a great way to cure chronic tension headaches and migraines, as well as post-traumatic headaches – and prevent them from happening again.

Our headache and migraine clinic is also specializing in patient education. We enjoy teaching patients about the common causes of headaches, migraines and chronic pain and most importantly, how to recognize the problems before they get out of control. With the right and reasonable treatment plans, we bring back clients only if that is necessary and focus on nothing but results. Our core emphasis is to solve the problem and give the patient enough knowledge, confidence and tools to keep it under control.

Helping You Eliminate Or Reduce The Pain Suffered Through Headaches And Migraines

Our ultimate goal at Healthmedica Wellness Centre is to help you eliminate or reduce the pain suffered through your migraines, headaches or chronic pain. Our trained doctors at first diagnose the root cause of the disorder and then go in detail with the eventual treatment.

Our pain relief teams are interdisciplinary – meaning that each of them knows what the other is doing with the patient and is always free to provide input in their care. We focus on communication among the team and therefore help you cure and prevent headaches, migraines and chronic pain as one of the most devastating disorders in the 21st century.