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Optimal Spine

Most people do not give much thought to their spine, until they have back problems. But, the health of the spine is actually fundamental to everyone’s overall health. The spine is responsible for holding the structure of our bodies together. It also houses the spinal cord. Because many people neglect the health of their spines they end up with a host of ailments. One of the most common reasons for a doctor’s office visit is back pain . However, the spine is linked to health and wellness by more than its role in walking and lifting.

The human nervous system is made up of the brain and the spinal cord. The spine then has a direct connection to the nervous system. There are millions of nerve connections that link every part of the body with the nervous system. Every organ, structure, and system is all linked together through the nervous system.

If the spine is not in optimal health, it can affect other, remote parts of the body. Consider that the spine has the only direct link to the hypothalamus in the brain . The hypothalamus is linked to all your hormones. Many diseases such as cancer, glaucoma, diabetes, and countless others, are linked to stress hormones. A problem with the spine can negatively affect health all throughout the body.

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We recognize that different physical, chemical, and environmental stressors affect the spine and the body. We help you achieve optimal spinal health by:

  • Taking a complete history, covering all aspects of your life
  • Analyzing your lifestyle and history for stressors contributing to your conditions
  • Run a series of objective orthopedic and neurological technology based tests
  • Developing a customized spinal care treatment plan

We understand that the spine is central to your health and wellbeing. If your spine has too many stressors it can interfere with your optimal exercise and even your optimal nutrition. We work with you to bring everything into its proper balance.