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Optimal Knowledge

Imagine setting out on a road trip with no map, no GPS, and heading for a destination you have never been to before. Do you think you would ever get there? Trying to achieve health and wellness without knowledge is just as fruitless. If you want to achieve optimal wellness, wanting will only take you so far. Knowledge gives you the power to make better decisions and to be a true partner in your care. The more you know about your body, the easier it is to recognize problems early on, before they fully develop into a disease.

The key parts of optimal knowledge are:

  • Understanding your body
  • Knowing how your body functions
  • Understanding your conditions and symptoms
  • Knowing how any treatments will affect your body, conditions, and symptoms?

Optimal Knowledge is about finding the best plan for understanding your body.

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For a long time, many patients and clinicians acted as if the less a patient knew about their body and diseases the better. It was felt that the healing should be left to the experts. But, over the past decade there has been a new understanding that the more patients know and understand about their bodies, conditions, symptoms, and treatments, the better their outcomes tend to be.

This makes sense. The more you know about your body and treatment, the more likely you are to take the steps needed to heal. We believe that optimal knowledge is so fundamental to our patient’s wellness that our team is constantly communicating with them.

We don’t just want to talk to you when you come in for an appointment. That is not enough time to build optimal knowledge.

We offer a range of seminars and workshops to educate our patients about how their bodies work and about their conditions. We also send out a regular newsletter and other information to make sure all of your patients receive all the knowledge they need to be advocates for their own health and wellness.