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regarding Healthmedica

Before I had Pro Adjuster treatment I thought that I was going to have to spend the rest of my life in pain with back spasms, aches, tiredness and immobility. This problem began in my twenties so for approximately 25 years.

Anti inflammatory medications and muscle relaxants were also a waste of time and harmful to my liver. I am now pain-free and have more energy and my outlook for the future is a lot brighter.

Healthmedica and his staff are very positive people. They genuinely care about you as a person and are happy when the patient is happy. They are very accommodating and are always learning in continued education courses.

  • Patient: Debbie C, Oshawa, ON

For eight months I was suffering from extensive pain from my C7 nerve in my neck which travelled down my arm into my hand.

The pain had varying degrees of intensity and I was pretty much hooked on pain killers from my doctor. Now, 3 months later I have stopped all my painkillers completely, I am back to playing squash, I have more energy and my sleep habits have greatly improved… and I am PAIN FREE!

  • Patient: Karen R, Courtice, ON

I have had constant neck pain,

since I was about twelve years old, but it wasn’t until I started having incapacitating back spasms that I decided I needed to try going to Healthmedica. I wish I had done this years ago – the difference is so dramatic! Not only have I had no back spasms since I started, I also have much less discomfort in my neck. There are also benefits I hadn’t expected: my headaches are fewer and less severe, for example. I was also amazed that Healthmedica was able to correct minor injuries to other joints – for example, when I strained my wrist. Another thing that is really important about Healthmedica is that he really cares about his patients well being – I was so impressed when he called after my first treatment to see how I was feeling! If only the whole health care field were like this!”

Everyone and anyone who is suffering should try this FIRST!

  • Patient: Naomi H, Port Perry, ON

I came to Healthmedica last September suffering from extreme neck and back pain.

I had already many doctors over the past seven years, worked extensively with my internal medicine doctor, and tried various medications from arthritis pills to pain killers to try and relieve the pain.

Last September, I thought I would give it one more try before totally giving up. I was referred to Healthmedica from my family doctor.

After just one visit, I easily could see he was very different from all the other doctors I had seen in the past. Before he treated me, he took x-rays and spent time showing me what a normal spine looked like and explained why I was feeling pain. He presented various treatment plans, and I opted for the plan where I could intensively work on correcting the problem. I am so happy that I made that total commitment.

My first re-examination with repeat x-rays was take just a couple of weeks ago, and I was amazed at the improvement of the curvature of my neck and spine after just a short while of treatments and faithfully doing my traction and exercises. I am no longer taking any pills to cover-up the pain, and my quality of life has greatly improved.

Although my visits have decreased since I have made such great progress, if I do have any problems, Healthmedica excellent staff are always so friendly and accommodating to fit me in his schedule.

  • Patient: Terri R, Bowmanville, ON

Prior to Healthmedica treatment,

Patient and Friend

I had back pain and neck pain often and had problems sitting for long hours while studying. I was introduced to the Pro Adjuster treatment by my mother, who had severe back pain and sometimes would lie in bed for weeks. But when she started care, she wasn’t lying in bed anymore, she was healthy and energetic, the healthy mom she was when I was younger.

This is when I realized that going to Healthmedica was a good investment. I’m a student, so for me, sitting down and concentrating for long hours was very tough. My neck and back used to hurt so much. But now, since starting care, I can concentrate more and have more energy. My posture… wow, incredible! I am straighter, look healthier and more than that, I’m half an inch taller!

  • Patient: Lori M, Bowmanville, ON

I have had neck and hip pain for over 40 years from being thrown off horses and a few car accidents.

I did not receive adequate care after these accidents and have lived on pain pills. I just lived with the pain. Just recently I woke up with a sharp, burning pain in the middle of my back. After two months of continuous pain, I went to my doctor and was told to use Ben Gay. I thought I had a broken rib, but the doctor didn’t believe how bad the pain was.

My sister gave me HealthMedica’s card and said to try the Pro Adjuster. Healthmedica gave me a thorough exam with x-rays of my spine and showed me why I was in such pain.

My second visit was to start the process of putting my back together. Healthmedica relieved the pain in my neck by 90% and I can now turn my head without the grinding sound and pain. After 10 visits I feel wonderful with a 50% pain relief in my hips.

I hope my experience will encourage others to try this high tech care through Healthmedica. The entire staff is friendly and helpful.

  • Patient: Dana Z, Oshawa, ON

As a health professional and a marathoner

I know the importance of good feet. Prior to my receiving my custom orthotics from Healthmedica, I suffered a number of injuries that severely limited my ability to participate in sports. I recommend them for most of my patients that need to keep moving.

  • Patient: John B., MD, Cardiologist and Sports Medicine Practitioner

For years,

I have recommended orthotics to my young patients. When I began to experience arch pain there was no question what I would do to find relief. Healthmedica's orthotics. They saved my feet and the day.

  • Patient: Steve B., MD, Pediatrician

I thought I knew pain, but my feet were killing me.

I could not believe that my foot pain was going to cost me my career. I had worked very hard to be a member of the US Seals and could not accept this. A friend told me about Healthmedica and they saved my career (and my feet).

  • Patient: Jon D., Naval officer member

stand all day and my foot pain was torturing me.

I It is true, “when your feet hurt, you hurt all over.” I knew of Healthmedica because they had helped my son earlier. Once I had gotten a pair of orthotics for me the pain and torture was over.

  • Patient: John M., DDS, Dentist

People think that in order to be a champion skier all you have to do is go down hill fast. It is not so simple. We do a tremendous amount of training in the off season to build up our strength and endurance.

I already had been on two Olympic teams and wanted to make a third one, but my feet were killing me. Thanks to Healthmedica I was able to train and compete successfully and make that third team. Although I was the oldest member, no could believe how well I performed! I had a secret weapon, Healthmedica orthotics in my Ski Boots.

  • Patient: Caroline A., Olympic Skier

People talk about a full time job, mothering is a full time job!

I am on my feet all day and all night. Upstairs and downstairs. When my bunions began to hurt I was sure I was going to need surgery. I heard about Healthmedica and their no risk orthotics. Their orthotic impression system was easy and after 3 minutes I was done. My feet may not be beautiful, but they don’t hurt. Maybe we’ll have another child?

  • Patient: Connie R., Mother

Without reservation

Healthmedica produces the finest quality orthotics I have come across for my patients. I unconditionally guarantee them. I also wear them.

  • Patient: Jere M., DPM, Podiatrist

I know a lot about diabetes and possible complications.

I take no chances with my feet, after all the number one reason for diabetics being hospitalized are foot problems. When my feet started having problems there was only one place I would turn to. HealthWorks Orthotics. My motto now is “never leave home without them.

  • Patient: Jerry K., Diabetic

Doctors get sick also.

Or in my case get heel pain. HealthWorks orthotics helped get me back to full activity. I recommend them to patients of all ages.

  • Patient: Scott M., MD, Family Practitioner

I work in appliance sales and

I stand on concrete all day long. At age 60 I was going to have to retire due to foot and leg pain. I was terrified of retiring before I qualified for social security. But, due to the relief I received from my HealthWorks orthotics I didn’t have to. By the way I’m 67 and still working!

  • Patient: Bill P., Salesman

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