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If you are looking for non-surgical scoliosis treatment or spinal decompression, you have arrived to the right place. At Healthmedica Wellness Centre, we specialize in both of these services and utilize various non-surgical methods to ensure that your bones heal and your spine is stable.


Understanding Scoliosis And The Need For Treatment

Scoliosis is the most common type of spinal curvature - and a descriptive term without precise diagnosis (ex. like headache). As soon as it develops, the spine bends sideways and rotates along its vertical axis Since all of these changes have cosmetic and physiological effects, they may result in significant health problems and severe curves over time.


There are many causes of scoliosis and there are many types of the disorder itself. Mainly, scoliosis can be congenital (because of congenitally abnormal vertebrae), neuromuscular (triggering the central nervous system) or paralytic (frequently developing with a loss of spinal cord function). The management of all these types of scoliosis is tailored to the individual patient and his condition. At Healthmedica Wellness Centre, we specialize in developing these tailored plans and count all the factors in the decision-making process with the advice given to the patient and the family.


Scoliosis can also commonly occur in boys and girls during their puberty or first menses cycles. This is due to the rapid growth of the body itself. And although girls are up to eight times more likely than boys to have a scoliosis, it is recommended that parents check both their boys and girls for scoliosis at least once during their puberty.


Scoliosis Treatment And Coping

You may not know this, but in 90% of the cases scoliotic curves are mild and do not require active treatment. However, there are still cases where they need to be monitored for change (especially in growing adolescents) and periodically examined if needed. There is an increase in spinal deformity over the past decade, which definitely calls for evaluation and action by an orthopaedic chiropractor or a medical doctor to determine what kind of treatment is required.


There are a lot of common factors that may determine treatment for scoliosis. Some of them are the age of the patient, the age of the bones (maturation of bone is not always the same as chronological age), the degree of curvature, the location of the curve in the spine, the status of menses or puberty, the gender of the patient or the periodical curve worsening, if present.


At Healthmedica Wellness Centre, we specialize in observation of scoliosis - but also the non-surgical treatment options that include chiropractic activities or spinal decompression as the most common answer to these problems


Need Expert Scoliosis Treatment By An Experienced Team?

Although the roots of scoliosis have remained relatively unchanged and a lot of researchers don't know specifically what causes it, our approach to scoliosis treatment at Healthmedica Wellness Centre remains the same and ensures that all of our patients receive the best care possible and successfully treat all of their spinal deformities.  

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