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Some generally know it as pain during pregnancy and others relate to it as cramps, abdominal pain or pelvic pain. The truth is, all forms of pain during pregnancy are common. However, they can also be a sign of a serious problem when they are actually discomforting.

 pain during pregnancy

Common Types Of Pain During Pregnancy

At Healthmedica Wellness Centre, we specialize in most of the types of pain during pregnancy. However, the most common ones that we work with is the pain in the back, neck, spinal and abdominal region. Since we all know that the body is constantly changing during pregnancy, these forms of pain may not be serious as much as they are discomforting.


Some of them might occur in the early weeks of pregnancy - while others may occur as you get closer to the delivery.

One of the major chiropractic advancements that actually helps the pain during pregnancy is known as the Webster technique. Essentially, this is a technique that our team at Healthmedica Wellness Centre specializes in - and one that uses a set of specific sacral adjustments that help in the facilitation of the mother's pelvic alignment and nerve system function. The results of this technique are evident - not only they balance all the pelvic muscles and ligaments - they also reduce the torsion to the uterus and offer greater potential for securing an optimal position for the fetus.


Abdominal Pain Or Discomfort

The sharp and shooting pains on either side of the stomach might not come from the baby - but from the stretching tissue that supports your growing uterus. These pains might also travel down your thighs and into your leg and are a common type of pain during pregnancy.


Round Ligament Pain

This pain during pregnancy is also causing discomfort, and is most common during the second trimester. What starts as sharp pain in the abdomen continues to the groin area - but is generally considered a normal part of pregnancy.


Muscle Tightening

The muscles in the uterus are constantly contracting from the fourth month of pregnancy. The irregular and infrequent contractions are called Braxton Hicks and are also normal pain during pregnancy.


Neck, Back And Spinal Pain

Common in the later trimesters because of the weight of the uterus itself, neck, back and spinal pain may all cause pain during pregnancy. They are all caused by the strain put on the muscles, the changing hormone levels and obviously, the changes in the posture. The best way to treat them is in with physical therapy, massage and chiropractic.


Treating Pain During Pregnancy

At Healthmedica, we pride ourselves on working with to-be mothers and helping them relieve the pain caused in their body during pregnancy. Aside from recommending them a proper diet and making sure that they are getting enough fluids, we always encourage moms to try changing their position until they are comfortable and avoiding sharp turns and movements.


However, the best way to treat the pain during pregnancy is with massage and chiropractic treatments. That is what our teams of chiropractors and medical doctors in our wellness centre specialize in, and are ready to implement in every stage of pregnancy.


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