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Postural strains in children are one of the most common struggles nowadays. Parents have a tough time in getting their children to quit slouching and stand up straight. This not only looks bad - it also affects the health of the child. However, there are a lot of ways to help your child enjoy the benefits of good posture. At Healthmedica Wellness Centre, we take posture in children as a serious issue and always treat it with high respect.

 child postural strain

Where Does Children Postural Strain Come From And What Are The Health Risks Related

In case you don't know where it comes from, postural strain in children is a cause of bad posture, a slip, fall, or a possible deviation during the birth of the child. It can be best explained as the manner and position in which the child holds his neck, back, head and spine and also the arms and legs when standing, sitting or lying down. This results from a combination of physical and environmental issues such as leaning over to type at a computer that is too low - wearing an overweight backpack or constantly pointing the head down to the smartphone screen. Poor posture can also be caused by weak abdominal and back muscles and their underuse.


The effects of bad posture in kids can be more than how bad this disorder actually looks like. The children postural strain is a common issue nowadays and a major concern for parents. Poor posture can also lead to long-term issues such as abnormal bone growth which is very hard to correct over time.


Treating Children Postural Strain

Unfortunately, the most common complaints when bringing a child to our clinic nowadays are linked to back and neck pain. Poor posture targets the spine that does not naturally curve inward at the neck and outward at the upper back and again inward at the lower back. It can occur in any part of the spine and requires a full physical examination in order to be treated.

Our chiropractic service is the light form of treating children postural strain at Healthmedica Wellness Centre. Experienced, knowledgeable and always focused on improving the posture of children, our chiropractors know all the issues when it comes to poor posture in children nowadays and are treating them accordingly. With all the right exercises, moves and touches - our chiropractors ensure that every child gets the same treatment and fights children postural strain in the best way possible.


Most people also overlook the fact that poor posture may lead to increased asthma in kids as well as other health issues, particularly ones triggered from the respiratory system. The shortness of breath which is one of the symptoms of asthma may come from the difficulty of filling the lungs to maximum capacity. This is only because of the stretched and delicate nerves in the back or the neck or any potential pressure that is put on them. As we said above, birth trauma can also be a cause of postural strain, when the infant is pulled or twisted out of the womb. Other causes include sports injuries, auto injuries or poor postural habits that may get serious over time.


Aside from treating children postural strain in our wellness centre, our chiropractors and medical doctors always ensure that patients are well educated and knowledgeable when it comes to preventing this disorder from striking again and therefore preventing any serious long term problems.


If you are concerned about your child's posture or notice abnormalities in how they stand or sit - it is time to visit our wellness Centre and book your appointment while it's still time!

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